HeartMath Certified Professional Community Activation Initiative HMI

Hello HeartMath® Certified Professionals Community!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Certified Professionals Community Activation Initiative. Our goal is to learn directly from you and explore how we can best engage and support you as a Certified Professional (i.e., Coach-Mentor—Building Personal Resilience, Certified Trainer—Resilience Advantage, and Certified Practitioner—HeartMath Interventions). If you’re receiving this questionnaire, we consider you part of our family of certified professionals.

We’ve heard you!

We’ve received so much wonderful feedback on our community calls, at events, through our support team members, and through our social media platforms about how important it is to expand our ability to effectively connect, collaborate, and co-create as a community.

Our Certified Professionals Community Activation Initiative is the beginning of a new chapter in establishing a deeper heart connection with our certified professional community. In the coming weeks and months, you will begin to see more interaction and opportunities to connect and collaborate. This is part of our ongoing commitment and focus to explore various ways of how we can best activate our joint mission. As key stakeholders, we recognize your power to help influence the way we engage our certified professionals as a heart-connected, coherent community.

Community Activation Initiative

I’d like to introduce Steve Havill, who has recently joined us in the newly created support role of Certified Community Activation Facilitator. Steve’s working closely with Tricia Hoffman, Director, Training & Licensing; Christiana Bishop, Training Manager for the HeartMath Institute; the Certified Professionals Support Team; and a volunteer team of passionate, inspired community leaders to help co-create this initiative and activate our certified professional network.

Your voice matters more than ever!

Whether you were recently certified or certified years ago, we appreciate your help in determining the most effective approach when supporting the heart-based mission of our certified professional community and exploring how we can provide ways to connect online and in person.

Our First Steps

    1. Online Certified Professional Questionnaire. You will soon be receiving this. Please fill out this survey, as it will help us deeply understand how we can best support you as a certified professional and optimize our focused efforts. We realize the insights we receive will be much greater
      than our capacity and resources to do it all; that’s why you helping us to identify the priorities is so important—where we can add the greatest value and define our first 3–5 focused initiatives.


    1. Certified Professional Focus Groups. We’ve initiated our first focus group of certified professionals applying HeartMath programs in business. We’ll be initiating additional focus groups in the coming weeks and months in which you’ll be invited to engage. Our goal is to create a community and share insights, experiences, and resources to thrive together.


    1. A Listening Tour. We will be coordinating a series of community collaboration calls with members of the HeartMath Certified Professional team to better understand the needs, desires, and aspirations of our various professional certification types within the community. We’ll be shifting the focus of our ‘Connected Community’ call to be more interactive, so we can tap into the collective genius of our certified community.

How You Can Help

    1. Complete the HeartMath® Certified Professional QuestionnairePlease complete the online questionnaire that you will receive within the coming days. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your wisdom and experience in letting us know how we can best support your journey.
    1. Join Our ‘Connected Community’ Collaboration CallsWe’ll be hosting a Certified Professionals Collaboration Call soon. You’ll be receiving an email in the next week or two with details to join.


Thank you for the positive impact that each of you make through adding Heart to the world every day. We are truly excited to hear from you and to work together to explore and create exciting ways to engage, connect, and support the hearts of people through our shared mission.

Stay tuned for the upcoming survey and thank you in advance for all you do to help activate the heart of humanity!

With Heart,
Sara Childre, President
HeartMath Institute